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Spectrometer UPRTEK MK350S

Item code: 000005671

More than 40 LED light measurement – CCT, CRI, Lux, Foot Candles, CIE1976, CIE1931, PPF, CQS, Duv, LambdaP, S/P ratio, TLCI, GAI etc.

  • Brand: UPRTEK
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The Handheld Spectrometer UPRTEK MK350S Advanced Spectrometer is designed for measuring the quality of LED lighting. Makes measurement in the range of about 20 to 70000 lx.

It provides highly accurate readings of the light and display information on CCT, CRI, Lux and Foot Candles quickly and easily. For further analysis and research advanced MK350S has more than 40 light measurement units – CIE1976, CIE1931, PPF, CQS, Duv, LambdaP, S/P ratio, TLCI, GAI etc.

The MK350S also has a Compare mode – get side-by-side viewing of information from two different light sources for matching lighting for a shoot for getting the best images possible.

All of these settings and readings are available from the large 4.3" color LCD touchscreen.

The meter displays readings in multiple modes:

  • Basic – displays a numerical readout of color temperature, CRI, Lux, and the peak or brightest wavelength in the light.
  • Spectrum – provides a graphic display of the wavelengths of the light you are measuring.
  • CIE 1931 – graphically displays the measurement of the light on a CIE 1931 scale.
  • CIE 1976 – graphically displays the measurement of the light on a CIE 1976 scale.
  • Color Rendering Index Mode – displays the CRI measurement of the light.
  • Lux Image Distribution Mode – shows how the light disperses.
  • Measurement Log Mode – displays a record of previous measurements.
  • CCT BIN Chart Mode - shows a chart of the measurement of light is relation to the CCT BIN readings.
  • Quality Control Checker Mode - useful for checking lights to a set standard.
  • Measurement Comparison Mode – compare two different lights.
  • Data Browser Mode – go through historical data and saved readings.

Also there is a 2 MP camera for seeing what you are aiming at and changing settings accordingly. This helps for taking automatic continuous measurements of a scene. All measurements are saved to an SD card and can transfer to a computer over USB 2.0.

There is a tripod mounting bracket included for more precise metering setups. The spectrometer comes with a hard carrying case.

Power Supply Li-Ion battery capacity of 2.500 mAh
Sensor CMOS
Display 4.3" 800X480 Resistive Touch LCD
Memory card SDHC
Spectral bandwidth, nm 12
Measurement modes Basic / Spectrum Graph / CIE 1931 / CIE 1976 U.C.S
Digital resolution, Bit 16
Diffused light -25 dB max
Wavelength (reproducibility), nm ±1
Precision lighting, % ±5
Color accuracy ±0.0025 в CIE 1931 x,y
Color repeatability ±0.0005 в CIE 1931 x,y
ССТ accuracy, % ±2
CRI accuracy, % ±1.5
Size, cm 163 x 81 x 26.6
Weight, kg 0.255
Manufacturer UPRTEK
Service Center MIK produces qualified repair
and maintenance of equipment
Professional diagnosis and optimal selection decisions
Deadlines repair
The warranty on all work and spare parts
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