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Сервисный центр

MIK Service Centre conducts qualified repair
and equipment maintenance

Own service centre and specialists with over 10 years of experience

We have own service centre – a team of specialists, all necessary equipment and spare parts. Therefore, we make repair of any complexity. Replacement fuses and wiring as well as the circumfused by liquid or fallen from a great height equipment.

Our team works in this sphere since 2004, so it is difficult to surprise us. No matter how serious was the case, we are likely ready for such. So we know what to do.

Free shipping. You only pay for spare parts and repair

We have our own delivery service, which in Kiev is free, whether it is warranty repair or not. We will take the defective equipment and bring back serviceable. Our specialist will not take money from you for a diagnostics on the place.

If the repair takes more time than a week, and the technique is needed urgently, we will offer the solutions. For example, rent of analogs from partners at the time of repair.

Situations when we can’t repair the equipment does’t happen. There are situations when it is cheaper to buy the new equipment than to put the new parts to the old. If diagnostics reveal such case, we will immediately inform you.

You can always visit us and see how we work
Scheme of work
Contact us and tell about fault. The specialist conducts diagnosis over the phone. If it shows that the damage can’t be repaired in the place, we will deliver equipment to the Service Centre.
Diagnosis and Repair
During a free diagnosis we identify the cause of the fault. After agreement deadlines and cost, we proceed to repair.
We deliver the repaired equipment to the desired place for you, give you a guarantee on spare parts and work, receive payment and shake hands.

In addition, we are engaged in non-standard repairs and EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE


Non-standard Repair

Do you know such situations:

  • 1) You have equipment that serves as a "donor" for the repair of the main equipment and is not used for its intended purpose.
  • 2) There is an apparatus on your store and you don't know what to do with it and it's a pity to throw it away.
  • 3) Maybe you think that your technique has served and it remains only to throw it away.

Then contact us.
Our experience shows that most such equipment should be repaired, and then it can work even better, than you expect.

Regular maintenance

Professional equipment is designed for years of trouble-free operation. But at the same time it should be regularly serviced. For example:

Cleaning, lubrication
Replacement lamps

Lack of prevention may result in reduced service life or serious damage to equipment at the most inopportune moment.

To prevent this, please contact us for service matters. Our experts will evaluate the status of equipment and produce its preventive works.

Service «to the event»

Do you need to bring the equipment into an active status before a regular works? Contact us. We make a prevention of technique in accordance with the schedule or in the offseason. As a result, your equipment can easily withstand intensive work and peak loads.

Request for repair

frequently asked Questions

The distance is not problem for us.
The scheme of work is the same - during telephone or electronic communication we make out an application and understand is it possible to solve the problem remotely.
If necessary, equipment is delivered to the customer service centre by convenient for subsequent way. Here diagnostic, preventive or repair work are made.
Whether you live in another city or country trust to professionals the service of specialized technic.
Write or call us. We will arrange a convenient way to diagnosis, prevention or repair of existing equipment.
Yes, you can!
There is a wide range of original spare parts for lighting (lamps, lenses, reflectors, connectors, cables, Ignitor, grids and much more) on MIK Service Center store.
However, keep in mind that incorrect replacement spare parts fraught with new breakdowns. So trust repair to those who really understands this!
It's very simple – call us or leave an electronic request with the description of problem and your contact information.
In the course of communication, our experts will select the best solution for you.
MIK Service Center produces qualified repair and maintenance services for light and other equipment for show-programs, broadcasts, movie studios and theaters.
Of course, it is not difficult for our engineers to help you with an iron or a TV, but our center specialty is still a professional rather than consumer electronics.
Yes, of course.
People turn to us for maintenance and repair of lighting and other equipment for show-programs, broadcasts, movie studios and theaters. We work with equipment of any brand and any type.
Service Centre Warranty is issued for the work of our specialists. Quality of original spare parts is guaranteed by the manufacturer.
In any case, if you have any failures in the equipment after the service, you can feel free to contact us for advice.
Cash and cashless payment as well as payment by VISA and MASTERCARD systems.
Everything for our customers' convenience!
On average, the diagnosis of equipment takes 3 days. The exact dates are specified in each case.
Dates are determined by the complexity of the required work as well as the availability of spare parts.
If the spare part is not very rare and is available from our warehouse, the repairment will take up to a week. If suddenly these terms at risk of being exceeded, our specialists will certainly notify the customer and, if necessary, will suggest where the renting of the same unit is possible.
Remember, in each case, we will find the optimal solution together with the customer.
If you have any further questions, ask them
our specialist using the form below:
Get the answer:
Thank you for contacting ! Our manager will contact you shortly.