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TV-Studio "Next TV"

The equipment which we used:
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The virtual studio with chromakey background for the «Next TV».

On the area of channel «Next TV» we created a virtual studio with backgrounds (white from Manfrotto and chromakey from Lastolite), also we used LED panels FILMGEAR FLO, suspended systems IFF, grips Manfrotto/Avenger.

The task was not easy but interesting.

Employees of the channel needed a studio for photography and video recording, with the ability to shoot the static and dynamic objects.

By installing a combination of white and chromakey backgrounds, we provided the ability of creating the special effects.

Another advantage of implemented studio is mobility of its components. The full freedom of space was provided, light fixtures are moving anywhere in the studio. To do this, we used the rail systems IFF and suspension details to them (carriages for fixtures, moving rails, carriages for the background and cables). Also, the studio is equipped with grips for placing equipment on the floor – extensions, clamps, tripods and C-stands Manfrotto/Avenger.

Additionally, in the room several partition walls were installed because the weight of equipment had exceeded the allowable load.

We also made efforts to bring long rails in the room located on the upper floors. But all difficulties were overcome, and implemented virtual studio has surpassed all expectations.

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