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Studio for TRC "Southern Wave"

The equipment which we used:
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We implemented compact and effective solution for studio lighting in Ukrainian agency of Swiss bank DUKASKOPY. MLux LED panels were used as the basis.

The realised project consist of studio fixtures and lampheads for reportages.

Our task was not only to fulfill a uniform and high-quality studio lighting for TV and radio company, but also to provide light and compact, simply mounted fixtures for location shooting. 

We chose LED panels MLux LED 2220PB, because they are portative and ideal for including in TV journalist kit.

Illumination in the studio was based on the panels MLux LED 2280PB, some of which were equipped with softboxes and barndoors MLux. It makes possible to create the perfect lighting scheme, soft and directed in the right direction the light output.

Like separation light we used halogen Fresnel lampheads FILMGEAR Junior 300W with 4-leaf barndoors. 

This result is commented by CEO TV and radio company «Southern Wave» Alexander Leonov: «The implemented solution is professional and balanced choice, some «golden mean» of pricing, quality and functionality. The MIK company selected the optimal number of fixtures for a complete studio lighting. These panels are mounted quickly and easily, so we can use them in the studio as well as in journalistic reportages. These panels consume little energy that is cost effective and energy efficient. In result we are completely satisfied. Thank guys from MIK for affordable, high-quality and modern product.»

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