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Shooting in the Saint Sophia Cathedral

Light installation for shooting in the Kyiv temple was carried out taking into account the specifics of the available light as well as requirement of careful attitude for the memo of art.

Art shooting in the temple with a thousand years of history is not an easy task.

There is very specific available light here – natural light from the arches, all kinds of illumination, plenty of candles and icon-lamps. All characteristics of this light had to be taken into account and properly complemented with professional fixtures for filming.

We chose LED panels for fill light and FILMGEAR lampheads for directional light. The range of settings is enough to be accurately combined with the available lighting. In addition, LED fixtures do not cause appreciable temperature changes that could harm the millennial frescoes and icons in the temple.

Within the project we used LED panels FILMGEAR Power LED 160 and FILMGEAR Power LED 360, lampheads of directional light FILMGEAR LED Spot 250. All of them perfectly lit narrow galleries and high ceilings, arches and columns, as well as the painted walls of St. Sophia Cathedral.

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