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LED MLux devices for F.UA

The equipment which we used:
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Project to equip with the light of the filming studio of the online store F.UA is one of the largest Ukrainian online stores of electronics, household appliances and other goods. Team actively uses its YouTube channel to visually demonstrate to the viewer how this or that device works. This is the way to generate traffic to the site and to increase sales, as well as an indispensable image component.

Knowing your product thoroughly and trying to show the client an interesting and high-quality video review, the guys from F.UA spend all the work on creating it independently. In order to equip a small video studio in their own office, they turned to us! After all, properly selected professional light is the guarantee of a qualitative subject survey.

Within the framework of this project, the task was to equip a small room with low ceilings with light. That is why the preference was given to the technique of compact dimensions, energy-efficient and non-heating surrounding space, with high light output and the ability to control the color temperature.

The formulated tasks were solved by the delivery of four LED panels MLux 2280PB. They are suitable for work in a stationary studio, and can also be used on field shootings, which are occasionally conducted by the team F.UA. Panels can be mounted on tripods, and can be suspended, they are combined with a variety of fastenings, and can also be powered by batteries.

Maximum illumination panel MLux 2280PB is estimated at 7962 m, the color rendering index is more than 90. At the same time, the device consumes only 120 watts. The color temperature of the light can be adjusted from 3200 ° K to 5600 ° K, which adds to the versatility of the device and makes it convenient in the course of carrying out objective video shooting.

Additional accessories have also been purchased for LED panels:

  • MLux L80B curtains to control the angle of beam opening and correction of its shape, eliminate unwanted light;
  • Softboxes MLux S80B, to make the light softer and enveloping, slightly directed, similar to light from lamp sources;
  • Horizontal lyre MLux HY80 for placing the panel in a horizontal position, convenient control of it and universality of use.

The delivery for F.UA also included a Manfrotto D200B mount, Manfrotto D520B extension cable and Manfrotto E600 adapter. Accessories of the well-known Italian brand perfectly interact with the MLux panels - they allow to fasten them in different positions, provide reliable fixation, withstand high loads.

The project for lighting the studio for F.UA is an excellent example of how to quickly equip office space with a moderate budget and then turn it into a functional video studio.

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