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LED Panels MLux for online store

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LED Panels MLux for the shooting studio online store - Ukrainian online store of goods for cars and sea transport. In order to convey all the subtleties and quality of goods from different angles, you need a quality light. It is with this issue that the team from turned to us.

Within the framework of this project, the task was to equip a small room with low ceilings with light. The preference was given to the technique of compact dimensions, energy-efficient and non-heating surrounding space, with high light output.

This task was solved by the delivery of four LED panels MLux 2220P Daylight. They are suitable for work in a stationary studio, and can also be used on field shootings. Panels can be mounted on tripods or suspended, they are combined with a variety of fasteners and can be powered by batteries.

Maximum illumination panel MLux 2220P Daylight is estimated at 5174 lux, the color rendering index is more than 90. At the same time, the device consumes only 38 watts. The color temperature of light is 5600 ° K, which adds to the versatility of the device and makes it convenient during the subject survey.

An additional accessory was also purchased:
  • A tripod MLux 01B;

Stand MLux 01B - allows you to install panels in different positions, provides reliable fixation, withstands high loads.

As a result, the team from was satisfied with the choice and already produces excellent photos of goods with high-quality light - which saves time in processing photos.

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