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FILMGEAR for show «Weighed and Happy» on the STB channel

The equipment which we used:
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The halogen light fixtures FILMGEAR for light installation to the final of show «Weighed and Happy» (analogue of American «The Biggest Loser»).

In this project, we have provided high quality and efficient lighting for the filming of the final of TV show «Weighed and Happy». Powerful equipment was necessary because the shoot was conducted in a spacious hall and light fixtures were mounted to the high altitude.

The task for the operators and gaffers was to shoot the group plans and mass actions.

The special decision was necessary for close-ups. In the same time it should be used like additional light, and therefore, it should be portable and easy transportable through the set.

We installed powerful halogen fixtures FILMGEAR L02000TJ and FILMGEAR L05000TJ with a color temperature of 3200°K, and also lampheads FILMGEAR FLO X04048FB. In combination with light filters such fixtures solve the most diverse creative tasks.

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