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Philips LED drivers line expansion – Xitanium Mini Single Current


Philips introduces new Single current LED drivers for enhanced lighting performance – Xitanium Mini Single Current.

  • Xitanium 31W/m 0.75A 42V SC 230V (929002139206)
  • Xitanium 34W/m 0.8A 42V SC 230V (929002105206)
  • Xitanium 36W/m 0.85A 42V SC 230V (929002139306)
  • Xitanium 38W/m 0.9A 42V SC 230V (929002113406)

Xitanium Mini Single Current features: 

  • Low ripple, low THD, 
  • Specific current and voltage,
  • Increased efficiency,
  • Improved heat resistance.

If you require more information or would like to discuss prices, please contact our sales department.

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